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The Low Down on Family Documentary Photography

When I first started taking photos, it was just for fun. I took pictures on vacations, photos of random stuff around the house, family during gatherings etc. When I bought my first lens (a nifty fifty for the curious photographers), it almost took my breath away how I could make ordinary objects look interesting. Flower petals suddenly looked like paintings, a cup on the table looked like a world on it’s own, cool patterns I could find in simple things like my keyboard. It was all so fascinating to me, like I had discovered a whole new world.

This feeling of discovery was very similar to when I started photographing my own family candidly during our everyday. I loved how I could make my son’s bubble bath look magical, how capturing his hair blowing in the wind made me feel as if I was right there with him at that moment, or the way his big eyes would stare out the window as his dad drove off to work. All these moments pulled at my heart so so much. I find it hard to even put words as to how meaningful these moments are to me. This is when my love of family documentary photography began.

Family documentary photography is a candid and unposed way of photographing your family. By photographing a day in your family’s life or by documenting your family enjoying an activity together, it allows for real moments and true bonds to shine through your photographs.

I think when most people think of hiring a family photographer, they envision the family huddled together at a park, looking at the camera and smiling. When I think of family photos, I envision a family doing something they love like playing a board game around the kitchen table, fishing at the lake, or shopping at the local market. With both types of sessions you’re able to look back and see how everyone looked at that time in your lives, but what you’re gaining from a documentary session is so much more.


Discover how your everyday is extraordinary

These sessions help you see your everyday life in a new light. There are extraordinary moments that happen each day that go unnoticed, but can be captured beautifully with a family documentary session.

A relaxing and fun time!

There’s no stress getting your children to behave. No scrambling to find matching outfits. No awkward poses or acting for the camera. Just your family being themselves spending quality time together.

Capture unique personalities

By focusing on each other rather than the camera, your true personalities shine through. And because we’re not sitting down for stuffy portraits, everyone tends to be more themselves. Win-win!

Document memories that may go long forgotten

Imagine looking back at photos of your son hugging his blankie, or reminiscing over that phase when your daughter refused to take off her Frozen tutu, or that time in your life when all your kids would eat were chicken nuggets and french fries. These types of photos help you remember this time in your life, not the time you dressed up for that photo shoot in the park.

Finally Mom gets to be in your family’s everyday photos

Let’s be honest Moms, how many nice photos do you have of you and your children living your life that aren’t selfies or bad cell phone photos? Moms we need to get in photos! Not only for ourselves, but mostly for our children! It’s my biggest fear my children won’t have photos of me to look back on when I’m no longer here. I want them to see me cooking them dinner, tucking them into bed, playing in our backyard and it makes me really sad to think there’s so many children out there who won’t have those memories of their own moms. We’re so selfless sometimes that this truly is a gift for you and your kids.

Celebrate parenthood

Kids do some funny things. They also can get on our last nerve. When you’re having one of those days, you can look at your photos and laugh at those moments because sometimes we need ways to survive the daily grind!

Easy to schedule

There’s no need to carve out a special day in your busy schedule because we’re documenting real life so I fit right into whatever you already have planned! Whether it’s after school pick up, dinner around the table, shopping at Costco, bedtime stories. Whatever you have going on, I’ll be there because the most meaningful moments happen in our ordinary days.

Create art with your family

The photos from these sessions are true works of art meant for your walls and albums. Each photo is composed in an interesting way and light is used to highlight the moment. These are not your normal everyday snapshots. They are thoughtfully taken with every element in the environment considered before the photographer decides to press on that shutter.

Curious what a family documentary session looks like? Watch the video below of an afternoon spent with a lovely family!

If you’re convinced this type of photo session is for you, click here to book your session!

If you believe there are families you know who would benefit from a documentary session, please please please SHARE this post by clicking one of the social media links below. This modern type of family photography is new and I’d love if you could help me spread the word of its benefits!

Last but not least, if you have questions or want to book a family documentary session but have some hesitations, please send me a quick message! I’d be happy to talk to you about the greatest gift you can give your family!

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