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Top 5 Christmas traditions you need to document

Some of my best memories as a child was decorating our tree at Christmas time. I can remember all the details on the ornaments, the musky smell of the stockings from being in a box for a year, the feel of the spikey pine needles of our fake Christmas tree. As a child, I don't think I realized the importance of this typical Christmas activity until I woke up one morning to find our tree already decorated. I remember being so angry I didn't get the chance to participate, it was the first time I realized, and probably my parents as well, as to how important these traditions are. These family traditions are what makes that time of year so special and now as a photographer there's nothing I'd love more than to document your family's favourite holiday traditions.

Top 5 Christmas traditions you need to document

1. Cutting down your tree

2. Writing letters to Santa

3. Trip to the local Christmas Market

4. Christmas Baking

5. Decorating your tree

If you're wondering why I'm bringing up Christmas in October, it's because these sessions will book up fast! Capture your favourite tradition in my one hour sessions or document them all in a half day or full "Day in the Life" session. Sessions are available weekdays in the Greater Toronto Area and start at $345. Contact me for details!

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