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A Day in the Life with Cat and Nat

For over a year, I'd been following Cat and Nat on Instagram. If you're a mom and don't know who they are, you NEED to follow them. They are two moms living in Toronto with 7 kids between them who seem to have this crazy ability to hone in on what all us mama's are really thinking! Between their daily Facebook Live shows and their Instagram stories, I kept thinking over and over again how much I want to photograph them. I absolutely love capturing the honesty of parenthood, and these two definitely know how to keep it real. So after a year of following them, I finally built up enough courage to just email them and ask if I can document a day in their life. To my surprise, they said yes, and the rest is history! It was an amazing day and I couldn't be more proud of these local mamas making a name for themselves!

I'm happy to finally share the images from our day together on my blog! If you've already seen the slideshow from our day on my Facebook page, keep scrolling down because there's some new images here that I didn't include!

You can watch the slideshow from the day here:

Interested in learning more about my Day in the Life sessions? Contact me today!

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