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A Day in the Life with Cat and Nat: Toronto Moms Gone Viral

Cat and Nat are a force to be reckon with! These two moms who bonded together over the crazy highs and lows of motherhood are now connecting with moms all over the world with their unfiltered Instagram stories and their #momtruth Youtube videos.

I first connected with them summer of last year when I photographed a day in their life. I loved their views on motherhood and how we all need to be supporting each other rather than pushing each other down. Motherhood is so full of crazy expectations and judgments, that these ladies make you feel NORMAL. I related to these feelings so much because that's exactly how I want the families I photograph to feel. As a family documentary photographer who photographs everyday life of families, I'm constantly helping parents feel like their crazy family is normal, because they are!!! I always say we're all more alike than we are different, and this couldn't be more apparent with photographs that highlight the everyday life of families.

I had a ton of fun that summer day, so I was SO EXCITED to have the opportunity to document a day in their life once again, this time a couple days after Halloween.

I've been looking forward to sharing how our day went! So here we go!


I arrived at Nat's house as the entire family was in the middle of getting ready to leave the house for the day.

The kids were busy that morning organizing their halloween candy and writing notes to mom and dad to leave their Halloween candy alone.

Mom hack I learned while I was there: get the kids to pack their own snacks!!!


Mad dash to get out the door and the kids to school on time!

One last big hug before heading over to Cat's house!


We get to Cat's house and she tells us it's been a morning and I know exactly how she feels, most of my mornings are like that! What made this morning especially difficult was that Cat's heating and hot water was down - when it rains it pours!


Once the kids were off to school, we jumped in the car to do a bunch of errands. But first stop coffee! Nat picked up the coffee while Cat ran off to get her hair done - because of the no hot water situation she wasn't able to do her hair at home!


We met up with Cat at the Salon and delivered her coffee.


Hair all done, now the ladies were off to find new furniture for the set of their daily Facebook Live show.


Cat managed to strap the couch in the trunk of her car. The drive back home to Nat's was interesting trying not to let the couch fly out the back! Once the couch was dropped off, we hopped back into the car. Nat ran off to the bank while I hung out with Cat who was shopping for outfits for one of their Facebook Live segments. Then we all met up for a quick lunch - their current obsession, falalfels!


Back at Nat's house, the ladies started prepping for their Live show. That day they were trying to figure out which backdrops to use with their new couch.



Some downtime after the show. They hopped on a call with one of their team members and watched back some highlights from earlier.


It was time now to go their separate ways. As Cat scoured the cabinets for a snack, Nat prepped her a little soup to take home cause that's what friends are for :)

Our day ended here, but of course I didn't want it to end! These ladies have a way to make you feel comfortable and welcome and I could literally spend every day with them! Thank you Cat and Nat for opening up your day to me and my camera!!!

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