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The Meaning of Family Day

They say you photograph what you value, so I'm sure it's no shocker to any of you that family time is extremely important to me.

When I think of family time, I don't really think of it as a time you need to plan a bunch of activities, but more a dedicated time where you're together whether that's having a lazy day on the couch or doing simple everyday tasks together.

Today is Family Day in Ontario, and one thing made me think. Each family that I spend time with and photograph, it's like I'm documenting their Family Day. My family doesn't get the chance to celebrate on the actual holiday because my husband never gets it off work. BUT I do get to celebrate Family Day with all of you throughout the year!

I'm so lucky to have amazing clients who bring me along to celebrate their family. As I always say, I'm an honorary family member for the day when I'm with you, so I'm so thankful to spend that special time with you.

Interested in having your family time documented? Contact me!

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