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The Everyday Life of a Mom

mom doing kids hair

What's the one thing moms do the most? It's not changing diapers, wiping away tears, or drinking all the coffee. It's making decisions. Moms are forced to make a million decisions a day. What's for dinner? Which laundry detergent is best? Both kids are crying, who do I comfort first? Should I get these running shoes or those running shoes? Should I get work done or snuggle with the baby? And on and on and on... I'd be curious to know how many decisions a mother makes in a single day.


I haven't met a mother yet who doesn't put their children on the highest pedestal, so obviously we want the best for them. Enter stress inducing decisions. It's not that each decision is a life or death situation, it's the sum of all the little decisions that can weigh us down (and yes, there's a name for it: decision fatigue).

As a family documentary photographer, it's my job to observe moms, and one thing I know for sure, the days may not be glamorous, but they are full of love, of mother's who are trying their best and loving their children with everything inside them. This is why I hold everyday mom life to such a high regard. Because it's in the mundane everyday moments where love lies. In the way you brush their hair, in the way you feed them because they can't feed themselves, in the way you chase after them to put their jackets on to stay warm... these are moments of love and what your children love you for. So no matter what decisions you need to make, if they're coming from a place of love, you're doing okay.

Here are some of my favourite mom moments, the moments that tend to get buried in the chaos of everyday life. Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas!

mom taking photo of child
mom reaching for child
mom nursing child
mom reaching for child
mom hugging child
newborn diaper change
mom opening door for child
mom packing diaper bag
mom with two kids
early morning in bed with  mom
mom on FaceTime with child
mom snuggling with child
mom giving child a bath
mom playing make believe with child
mom and child embracing
mom pushing stroller
mom holding newborn hand
mom holding newborn in bedroom
mom with baby's fingers in mouth
mom changing baby
mom fixing child's sunglasses
mom zipping up jacket
mom with child in stroller and baby carrier
mom feeding baby
mom doing arts and crafts with child
pregnant mom in kitchen
taking photo of child
mom helping child up the stairs
mom and child brushing teeth
mom disciplining child
mom helping son on bike
mom in the hallway with children
son kissing mother
mom swaddling baby
mom soothing crying child
mom trying to put jacket on child
mom closing door with children
mother and daughter embrace


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