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My First Published Photograph in Today's Parent Magazine!

YOU GUYS! I'm so excited! I never really pictured any of my photos in a national magazine before! I've only ever envisioned my work on the walls and in the albums of the lovely clients I photograph. So when I was contacted by Today's Parent, I was taken by surprise! They were writing an article about children and screen time and wanted to use one of my images of Nicholas on his iPad while using Kaiser as his personal pillow. Check out Nicholas and Kaiser in all their glory!

Today's Parent Magazine

While it's exciting and I'm super proud to have a published photo, what makes me more excited was what they said when they approached me:

"We want to inject more real family images into our pages."

What this shows is that people are gravitating towards more authentic photos, ones they feel they can relate too and are genuine and real. This is exciting in my world because it puts images from family documentary photography in front of more people! It's my hope that more people discover this natural and unscripted way of photographing their family, and hopefully with more exposure it will happen because everyone deserves to have beautiful meaningful photos of the moments that mean the most to us.

If you'd like to learn more about family documentary photography, feel free to have a look at my client guide for all the details!

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