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A Day in the Life with The Cipolla Family

At the very start of the Christmas season, I met up with The Cipolla Family at the cutest little tree farm in Milton, Ontario. The plan was for them to cut down their Christmas tree then head back to their home for lunch and family time. I was excited to find out this was their first tree cutting experience. I never would have been able to tell, as they cut down those bad boys no problem!

Once at their home, lunch prep was well underway, while their little guy was busy playing with his grandparents, aunts and uncles.

I felt completely welcomed into their home, I always like to tell clients that I do consider myself an honorary family member for the day. I joined them for lunch, which by the way was AMAZING! All I know, is that it was pasta with anchovies and it was delicious!

Spending time with family over the holidays is really what it's all about. These memories we sometimes take for granted. That's why it's so so important to document them in a beautiful way, to preserve these irreplaceable moments.

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