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The Weston's Christmas Tree

It's the first weekend of December, and you know what that means? Christmas season is in FULL EFFECT! I love this time of year so much! I have so many magical memories of the holidays when I was a child, that now as a family documentary photographer I get so excited at being able to photograph this time of year for children to have their holiday memories preserved for them.

Since I started this blog just this year, I'm pretty excited to share some Christmas sessions I've done in the past mixed in with all my new ones from this year. So to start things off, I'm sharing this tree cutting and decorating session with The Weston Family.

I met up with The Westons at Andrew's Tree Farm in Ancaster, Ontario. Rather appropriate as it was their youngest son, Andrew's first Christmas. The best part of documenting family traditions, is the meaning the photos will hold for the children when they're older. Cutting down their Christmas tree is such a special family memory that I was so thankful to have the opportunity to photograph it for them.

I followed them home afterwards to capture all the fun of decorating the tree. It was amazing to see how curious the brothers were about the fresh new tree propped up in their living room. I got to hear about how each decoration has special meaning, and I was introduced to the Santa Key, the key Santa uses to enter their home since they don't have a fireplace.

I loved learning about all these traditions that makes their Christmas season so special. I always feel so lucky that families invite me into their homes to document this special time of year!

If you love Christmas carols like me, you'll enjoy watching their slideshow below!

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